Police take hard line on rumours | 2019-07-24

Police take hard line on rumours

Md Esaraf Hossain

24th July, 2019 01:14:38 printer

Police take hard line on rumours

In the wake of the incidents like mob lynching and rumour centring Padma Bridge construction, security personnel have got tough against law breakers.  

Vested interests are involved in such rumour mongering to create unrest in the country.

As part of conspiracy, some people are spreading rumour that human heads are needed for Padma Bridge construction, detective sources said.

They are doing so to catch fish in the troubled water, it said.    

Joint Commissioner of DB police Mahbub Alam said, “On the basis of such rumour over child lifting, incidents of such killings and torture have increased across the country.

Vested interests are working behind this and such rumour over child lifting is a part of their deep conspiracy, he added.

“We are now working to nab such conspirators.”

Meanwhile, police headquarter has already instructed all  high-ups including Special Superintendents (SPs) of all districts to get tough against rumour mongers.

Police headquarters urged all its units concerned to take necessary steps to prevent the incidents of mob beating, sources said.

It called upon them to strengthen vigilance at the educational institutions and conduct awareness campaign there.

The cops were also asked to create public awareness through social media, newspaper and electronic media.

In addition, all police unit chiefs have been asked to submit a report containing the steps taken in their capacities within three days.

Earlier, the police administration directed all not to take law into one’s own hand by resorting to mass beating suspecting someone as a child-lifter.

“Refrain from hearing any rumour and spreading it. Hand them over to police if anyone’s movement is suspected to be a child-lifter,” the police headquarters said in a media release on Saturday evening.

The notification came as a number of people were killed in mass beatings, suspecting them to be child-lifters following the rumour that people’s heads are necessary as sacrifice for the construction of Padma Bridge.

Creating an unstable situation by spreading rumours is tantamount to indulging in anti-state activities while lynching people is a criminal offence, according to the notice.

The police headquarters also said the law enforcers are looking into all the incidents of killing of suspected child lifters in mass beatings.

“Those involved in the incidents are being brought to justice.”

Three people, including a woman, were beaten to death by angry mobs in Dhaka and Narayanganj on Saturday after they were suspected to be child lifters.

Besides, several others were also killed and many others injured in such mass beating over the rumour across the country for the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, a Dhaka court has granted police four days to question three people who are the key suspects in the lynching of a woman in Badda.

The Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court passed the order on Monday.

The suspects — Bachhu Mia, 28, Bappy, 21, and Shaheen, 31, — were remanded, and another suspect Zafar gave a confessional statement to the court, according to Rafiqul Islam, chief of Badda Police Station.

Police detained them on Sunday night on suspicion that they were involved in the mob lynch that killed 42-year-old Taslima Begum Renu.

Police also identified one ‘Hridoy’ as the key suspect and launched a manhunt for him.

Renu, the mother of two from Mohakhali in the capital, is among three people beaten to death by separate mobs in Bangladesh on Saturday.

The guardians took her to the headmaster’s room of a government primary school for questioning on suspicion that she was an abductor when she had gone to the school at North Badda.

Angry locals who gathered outside hearing that “a child abductor has been caught” later took her away and lynched her.

Police responded immediately but the woman died before they arrived.

A case was filed over the death of Renu accusing 400-500 unidentified people.

Last week, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested six people for reportedly spreading rumour over Padma Bridge construction.

Earlier, the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges also said they have come across the propaganda set by a certain group on social media.

The ministry also mentioned that spread of such rumor is a criminal offence.

Earlier, about one dozen of such propagandists were also arrested from different parts of the country on charges of same offence, police said.

The government has been cautioning people against the rumour on social media that human heads will be used in the construction of Padma Bridge.

A number of people were also arrested from various places for spreading such rumour.

It is not exactly clear where these rumours issued from. Many people compare this to the rumour about convicted Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee ‘seen’ on the moon.