A true guideline for all SSC students | 2019-01-28

A true guideline for all SSC students

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A true guideline for all SSC students


Every student has his own ambition and goal that he wants to pursue. All the academic excellence begins with a high note on the result of SSC. Thus for sure success in the most important academic event a program titled “SSC-SECRETS” is designed for SSC students. Due care is taken for the comprehensive coverage of the entire SSC syllabus.


Conquering Maths:

Students suffer from “mathophobia” i.e fear of maths. The first step towards conquering maths is defeating the fear of maths.

 Following guidelines will help a student to score good marks in SSC.


1.     Learning tables till 25: It helps to speed up the calculation and generates efficiency.

2.     Learning squares and cubes till 30: reduces time wastage on multiplying terms and helps to complete the paper in time.

3.     Daily practice: practice is the vital element to get good marks. Initially practice for 30 minutes and within 3 months increase your practice session to 60 minutes daily.

4.     Simplifying Geometrical figures: Make a habit to view geometrical figures in various angles. “ Simplifying figures – simplies Geometry”

5.     Weekly practice: Topics covered during week days have to be revised on Sunday.


Mastering Languages:

Students would be benefited by following guidelines.


1.     Reading textbook: Reading textbooks facilitates in understanding language rather than memorizing it. Students gain a deep insight about the proper usage of grammar.

2.     Vocabulary Development: Students should make a habit of collecting words, phrases and proverbs for each language separately. Difficult words should be accompanied with their meanings. During free lectures a student can glance through the list and can develop a treasure of words.

3.     Practicing writing skills: SSC board wants to check the writing ability of a child. To score in this region a child requires two important skills:


a.     Imagination:

A writing skill requires a strong imagination power. A child may not have visited a hill station or historical monument but he should imagine those areas and sort point on a rough paper.


b.     Expression:

Expression requires a good command on language, uses of phrases & proverbs. It is highly recommendable to study essay books available at book stores to enhance your vision & ways to express it.


Enhancing Study Hours:

  It has been a common observation that board exam students study for 8 to 12 hours daily. But before exam S/he can study more than 8 to 12 hours per day and paving the path for success.


Set Your Target:

  Before a child commences study for SSC, S/he should set a target. If a child wants to score 80% or 90% in board exam please make a target for this and practice more and more .