Friday, 30 September, 2022

Convicted loan defaulter Maruf arrested in Ctg

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  • 6 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Convicted loan defaulter Maruf arrested in Ctg

Businessman Mohiuddin Maruf who was convicted by Artha Rin Adalat of his default in the payment of loan taken out from Janata Bank has been arrested in Chaktai area of Chattogram city.

Police hunted him down in a massive drive on Friday night, officials informed on Sunday.

Abdur Rahim, officer-in-charge of Baklia police station, said Artha Rin Adalat sentenced Mohiuddin Maruf to five months' imprisonment and issued a warrant for his arrest in a loan default case. He has been arrested in this case, the OC added.

According to bank and police sources, Mohiuddin Maruf took out a loan of Tk 1.44 crore in 2000 from Chattogram Foreign

Exchange Corporate Branch of Janata Bank Limited under the name of M/s Kadar Syndicate.

As he didn’t pay the loan regularly, a case was filed against him in Artha Rin Adalat in 2004.

The case was decreed in 2005. On January 19, 2006, the bank filed a case for non-payment of the decreed amount within the stipulated time.

In this context, an arrest warrant was issued against Mohiuddin Maruf as he didn’t take steps to repay the loan, changed his address and went into hiding.

As Janata Bank management authorities have been instructed to take legal action to recover the defaulted loans, the branch concerned provided updated information on the accused on July 3 and applied to the court for an arrest warrant against him.

After the hearing, the court sentenced him to five months’ imprisonment and issued an arrest warrant.

Several cases are pending in the Artha Rin Adalat in the name of Mohiuddin Maruf and other institutions associated with him.

Recently, several wilful defaulting customers of various branches of Janata Bank have already been arrested due to strict legal action against loan defaulters.