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Corona: Health guidelines being ignored

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  • 30 June, 2022 12:00 AM
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Corona: Health guidelines being ignored
The government has made the use of mask mandatory in public following a surge in coronavirus infections. However, people don’t give a damn about it. In the photo taken from Norda area of the capital on Wednesday, pedestrians are seen moving without any protective gear. – Kamrul Islam Ratan

Despite fresh surge in coronavirus infections, most people in the capital and elsewhere in the country are still ignoring the health guidelines, including wearing facemask and keeping physical distance.

Common people, mostly low-income groups, are not taking the sudden rise in coronavirus infection and deaths seriously.

From rural areas to urban ones, including capital Dhaka, safety protocols are massively being ignored.

People are unnecessarily thronging streets, footpaths, lanes by-lanes and kitchen markets regularly.

Police said people in large numbers are coming out of their residences and rushing towards streets, footpaths and kitchen markets.

Health rules are hardly maintained at the kitchen markets while people are seen rushing towards shopping malls in private cars, rickshaws, three-wheelers, and even pickup trucks without wearing masks.

The government has made the use of mask mandatory in public places and asked people to avoid gathering to stem the virus surge, warning of legal action against Covidiots.

The Cabinet Division issued a six-point directive on Tuesday as per recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19.

As per the directives, mask will have to be worn mandatorily everywhere through applying the ‘No Mask, No Service’ policy while social distancing will have to be maintained and public gathering will have to be avoided to keep the infection rate in check.

Mask will have to be worn compulsorily in shops, shopping malls by buyers and sellers, and in hotels-restaurants. Or else, legal action will be taken.

Mosque imams have been urged to make people aware of maintaining health guidelines and wearing masks in khutba during Jumma prayers.

People have been urged to undergo coronavirus test if they develop any symptom like fever, cough and sneezing.

Apart from wearing mask, social distancing will have to be maintained in all worship places, including mosques, temples and churches.

The media has been urged to raise awareness among people about maintaining health guidelines.

The country has seen a rise in coronavirus infections with over 2,000 cases recorded daily in the last three days till Wednesday.