Monday, 23 May, 2022

BGB seizes goods, drugs worth Tk120.83cr in Dec

Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized smuggled goods and drugs worth about Taka 120.83 crore in various drives across the country in December last year, reports BSS.

The seized drugs include 16, 01,673 Yaba tablets, 3.110 kgs of crystal meth Ice, 19,562 bottles of phensedyl , 17,861 bottles of foreign liquor,1,704 cans of beer,1,693kg cannabis,9.298 kg heroin,15,756 injections,4,765 bottles Iskaf syrups,3,111 bottles of Mkdyl/Cofidyl,8,398 pieces of Anegra/senegra tablets and 95,152 other tablets.

Other smuggled goods include 15.267 kgs of gold,62.680 kgs of silver,1,56000 cosmetics items,1,755 imitation jewellery,10,438 saris,5,038 three pieces and shirt pieces,1,051 metres of fabric,1,950 cubic feet of timber,10,949 kg of tea,130 kg Gamaxin power,14,900 kg of coal,4 touchstone,9 trucks/covered vans,4 privet cars/microbuses,13pickups,44 CNG/battery run auto rickshaws and 66 motorcycles.