Thursday, 1 June, 2023

Digital management of people

Digital management of people

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Digital platform has opened new windows in people management through leverage potential of limited resource for organisational growth in seamless way.

McKinsey, the global management consulting giant, has recently concluded after an in-depth study on mid-size organizations across the globe that future-ready companies share three characteristics.

The first one is the organisation has a full understanding of their strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Then, they are always planning and building for the long term, the winner takes all scenarios

In most case, the organisations focus on who before why, to drive engagement, that is people in the organization.

The HR Manager’s role as a result now becomes more crucial than ever, needless to say introducing automation helps manifolds in this entire process.

Like other parts of the world, we see a steep rise in the growth of corporate Bangladesh on the eve of 50 years of Independence largely fueled by small & mid-size businesses which are now growing at a rapid pace.

The growing trend of starting something from scratch and perseverance has led to many new businesses that are being appreciated at home and abroad.

BrandMyth Digital started as a digital marketing agency and quickly started catering to a host of clients. With time they ventured into other avenues of business from events to e-commerce at home and abroad.

“From my very humble beginning to over 80 employees working globally, I have always focused on building an employee first organization, automating my employee hassles has helped us. This as a whole has propelled our growth” said Rakibul Azam, chief executive officer at BrandMyth.

A well-known startup, Garbageman has come forward with a disruptive idea of changing how we see waste. Founder and CEO Fahim Uddin Shuvo had deep understanding and passion to lead this idea but had little experience of managing his talent pool.

He resorted to a people-first strategy by introducing automation and closing the gap.

sBusiness, part of Sheba Platform Limited, has seen tremendous growth in the HR Tech scene here locally.  Their solution digiGO, HRM SaaS, which is one of a kind in Bangladesh, has been able to automate HR hassles for hundreds of mid-size businesses leading to saving valuable man-hours which was earlier wasted on mundane tasks, this happened within a year of launch.

The sBusiness vice president Isa Abrar Ahmed said the platform is glad to be a part of digital revolution by providing necessary tools to these businesses to take us forward into the next 50 years.

“We have already witnessed tremendous interest within young businesses to automate and solve operational problems. As a company, we have always tried to solve pains through technology and stand firm on our promise to keep doing the same,” he said,

The digiGO is global standard software made in Bangladesh that fits your pocket. To get a free demo, dial +8801833309555 or visit