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BGB steps up surveillance to check smuggling of diesel

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  • 11 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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BGB steps up surveillance to check smuggling of diesel

BENAPOLE: Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have stepped up their surveillance of vehicles moving through the Benapole Land Port in an attempt to stop the smuggling of fuel across the border.

Measuring and recording oil tank scale of trucks arriving at Benapole port carrying imported goods from India and the truck is being re-measured as it unloads and returns.

BGB members were seen patrolling the import-export gate of Benapole port to prevent oil smuggling On Wednesday afternoon.

It is known that when the price of diesel in Bangladesh was 65.20 taka, then the price in India was 101.56 rupees per liter (118.78 in Bangladeshi taka).

On the night of November 4, the price of diesel in Bangladesh was increased to 80 taka per liter.

At that time the price of diesel in India was reduced to Rs 89.79 (105 in Bangladeshi taka).

The price from Bangladesh in India is more than 25 taka per liter. And because of this there is a possibility of diesel smuggling. And this opportunity was being taken by the Indian truck drivers.

The BGB, has been on high alert following reports of oil smuggling by trucks carrying goods from India and smuggling of oil through the border.

Habildar Abdul Quddus, commander of BGB ICB check post said, we have written down the measure of Indian trucks oil that came from India. The oil of the truck is being again measured when the time of return.

If more is available then action will be taken. However, he said that no such thing has been found yet.

It is alleged that, due to the high price of diesel on the Indian side, barrels were filled from different oil pumps and placed in different places around the port and these diesel were filled into the tanks of Indian trucks through pipes. Due to this a syndicate of diesel smuggling was formed in the vicinity of the port.

These syndicates have collapsed due to BGB restrictions.

Ali Hossain, General Secretary, Benapole Import Export Association said a ring had formed a syndicate in the Bangladesh-India border and had long been involved in the smuggling in front of the administration.

Subedar Mahbub Hossain, Commander of Benapole Check Post ICP Camp said, headquarters has been directed to increase vigilance to curb fuel oil smuggling in India.

As a result, we are measuring the fuel trucks of imported Indian trucks with imported oil scale and entering the register. The trucks are being measured on a scale again as they return.

He said that the amount of oil kept in the previous note is being released without the truck.