Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Muslim Aid: global terror financier

Muslim Aid: global terror financier

From modus operandi, persons holding key positions, replication of fund-raising campaigns and even from similarity in the names of different country chapters of the organisation, it is beyond all doubt that Muslim Aid (UK), Muslim Aid (USA), Muslim Aid (Australia) and all that revolve round the same origin namely Muslim Aid (Pakistan), are motivated by the same ideology and have the singularity of purposes. The linkages among these chapters and field offices are evident from their office bearers who keep on switching from one chapter to another and even from media platforms they use. Muslim Aid also does not bother about concealing its international network; they openly claim to be registered with certain western countries, including Sweden and the USA and have field offices or partners in about a dozen countries. 

According to media reports, Muslim Aid is a shady fund collection platform. It raises funds from across the world in the name of conducting charity activities but its fund collection and utilisation are far from being transparent. For example, Muslim Aid USA started a campaign on April 30 seeking funds for so-called ‘Covid help’ in India, ‘Help India Breathe’ etc. But there was no clarity as to how much help it got and from where. It neither provided details of its ultimate beneficiaries, hospitals or local partners.

Dr Bilal Philips, a Canadian Muslim, is reportedly a key actor in fund raising campaign by Muslim Aid Australia. Bilal has alleged link with a host of hard-line radical Islamists and connection with Hamas and Taliban. He himself was banned or deported from a number of countries including Australia. Another prominent figure in Muslim Aid is Mueen Uddin Chowdhury having very close link with Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan. Mueen Uddin is the notorious Al-Badr leader, one of the masterminds behind the killing of intellectuals during the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

It is evident from all these facts that Muslim Aid is an international terror financier and raises funds in a shady manner only to promote Muslim radicalism across the globe. Through its activities it has raised itself to the level of enemy of the world people. Stakeholders including the countries that Muslim Aid is registered with should take the matter seriously and act accordingly. Steps should be taken before Muslim Aid causes much harm to the world peace.