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Farmers frustrated at low potato prices

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  • 25 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Farmers frustrated at low potato prices

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RAJSHAHI: Due to the lack of fair prices in the wholesale market, the potato growers in Tanore upazila, who preserved potatoes aiming to get fair prices, are now frustrated.

Traders cite that even after the sale of potatoes in the season, they preserved potatoes in the stores hoping to get higher prices like every year for re-cultivation. But lately, the wholesale market price of potatoes is very low in comparison to the expected price.

Traders quoted that nearly Tk 45,000 to 50,000 is needed for potato cultivation on a bigha of land. With all of the cultivation expenses, per kilogram of potato costs stand at Tk 13.50 to 15.

Potato farmers are very much frustrated as they are not able to sell potatoes at a fair price before the upcoming season due to lower prices of potatoes and higher prices of materials and an increase in wages of workers.

This year, a large number of potatoes have been cultivated in Tanore due to favourable weather that remained in full cultivation period. Last year, the potato was cultivated on more land in the hope of a good yield and higher price in the wholesale market.

Potato growers claimed that the rent of the store is increasing step by step. Workers’ wages and pesticide prices are also rising. There is no one to monitor it.

Mujibur Rahman, a potato farmer in Tanore, said potatoes are now being sold at Tk 21 to 24 per kg in the retail market. But the wholesale price of stored potatoes is Tk 12 to 14 per kg. Excluding all expenses, at the wholesale level, they have to calculate a loss of Tk 305 to 400 per bag.

Local farmers and potato traders are seeking government cooperation for ensuring fair price of potato.