Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Art exhibition ‘Magical Fantasy’ underway at EMK Centre

Art exhibition ‘Magical Fantasy’ underway at EMK Centre

A virtual art exhibition titled ‘Magical Fantasy’ is underway at the EMK Centre. The exhibition, which began on September 5, is displaying a total of 38 artworks by three young talented and promising visual artists Rasel Kanti Das, Joynal Abedin and Mojahid Musa.

The exhibition ‘Magical Fantasy (Coordination between the hand and the brain)’ presents the visual art of creating some new ideas in the light of the relationship between the human body and the object by adapting to this ambiance. Each of the artists participating in this exhibition are some of the most talented and promising visual artists among the young generation of Bangladesh.

The artworks have been created using mediums such as acrylic, oil, soil, fibreglass and others.  Audience can enjoy the exhibition through https://emkcenter.org/exhibition

Rasel Kanti Das has displayed 10 artworks at the exhibition. Most of his works have been displayed under two series — Situation and Invisible.

The works displayed under the Situation series shows human figures alongside different everyday objects.

Another artist Md Joynal Abedin Azad has done many constructive based works that mainly depicts how humans are getting dependent on machines and technologies; as a result, their emotions are reduced like robots.

While, Mujahid Musa, a sculptor by profession, expressed current situations assorted with personal experiences through his sculptures and arts.

  His art work ‘Territorial Rest, which brought him the ‘Probin Jatiyo Charukola Exhibition Award 2021’, is being exhibited at this exhibition.

 Dr Alak Roy, sculptor and teacher of Bengal Foundation inaugurated the exhibition on September 5 as chief guest.

The exhibition will continue till September 30.