BB forms committee to scrutinise server glitch

Staff Correspondent

30 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has formed a committee to scrutinise recent technical disasters and trouble at Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

This committee will manage and operate all the ICT infrastructure of Bangladesh Bank until further instructions. 22 officials from the ICT department of the central bank are members of the committee.

Md Serajul Islam, spokesperson of BB said that the committee will submit its report by May 15 after detecting the technical faults of the central bank and fix the future course of action.

Before starting of ongoing lockdown on April 13 announced by government, the central bank's automatic check settlement and online money transfer system EFT was suddenly stopped. The EFT remains closed for one week even though the automatic check settlement is activated. As a result, ordinary consumers as well as big corporate suffer much.  At the same time, the responsibility of looking after the entire ICT infrastructure has been removed from earlier group of people and the responsibility has been handed over to this committee.

An office order from the central bank said, “An ICT infrastructure management team headed by Mezbaul Haque, general manager of the payment systems department, would determine the cause and                extent of technical faults in the ICT infrastructure and what to do in the future. This committee will work to ensure proper management and operation of the overall ICT infrastructure.”

Other terms of reference of the committee include formulation and implementation of short and long term plans for restructuring ICT infrastructure.

Take steps to address technical and infrastructure flaws in apps related to the national payment system.

Outline the work plan and implementation of independent management by a separate network management team of all apps associated with the long-term national payment system.

At the same time identifying errors of all services will be transferred to the new data center, the office order said.