Must win battle against corona

1 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

When anyone wears a facemask, they protect themselves as well as others from Covid-19. The practice is very much effective in curbing the deadly virus. Efforts have always been there to make people aware about the benefits of wearing facemasks. But, unfortunately all insistences fell into deaf ears of some people who still refuse to wear masks. Why such a mentality? Might be they have underestimated the seriousness of the pandemic. A mask works best when everyone wears it. As everyone does not wear it, the consequence turns harmful for people in general.

Because of such irresponsible attitude of a section of people, the country has again been experiencing a sharp spike in virus cases after a pause in numbers dropping for sometime. In October last year, the government introduced a 'no mask, no service' policy in an effort to contain virus transmission. But, instead of taking a tough stance against the law flouters, it allowed them to go their own way. Presently, people are bearing the brunt of it as the second wave of the pandemic has started now. The number of Covid-19 cases in 24 hours yesterday, broke previous records.

However, we can see hope against hope as the government has issued an 18-pt directive to rein in the corona wave. As per the instruction, legal action will be taken if masks are not worn and other health rules are not followed while travelling. The directives will remain enforced for the next two weeks. We hope and believe that this time the orders will be strictly enforced.

We need to make sure we survive the deadly virus; and for that to come to reality, we shall have to defeat the bug at any cost through united efforts. Strictly following the official directives are the only means to defeat it. If we fail to do so then we should be prepared for more lives to be cut short due to its rapid spread. So, there is no alternative, but to strictly abide by the hygiene guidelines like wearing masks, washing hands at close intervals and maintaining social distancing properly. Covid-19 vaccination is not a guarantee against corona infection in absence of health precautions.