Fight Against Covid-19

Security forces set shining example of patriotism

Ahamed Ullah

30 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Security forces set shining example of patriotism

Members of police, army, navy, air force and other security forces have set a shining example of patriotism by working as front-runners in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Security forces have become active everywhere in the country in winning the fight against the fatal disease. They have moved forward on foot, by car or by air to help the countrymen.

They have earned praise from the countrymen for ensuring social distancing, delivering food items from house to house and burying the bodies of the corona victims.

Since the beginning of the corona outbreak, the law enforcers have played a pioneering role in preventing further spread of coronavirus.

In addition to maintaining social distancing and engaging in security activities, members of the forces have provided the people with humanitarian assistance.

Despite knowing a serious risk of developing the fatal disease, a sense of responsibility, service and humanity has dragged security personnel to their workplaces.

Police have played a direct role in saving many lives as they spray disinfectants on the streets, maintain social distancing, take patients to hospitals and hunt people who escaped quarantine.

During the lockdown, army personnel ensued social distancing, home quarantine and delivered their surplus rations to the helpless people.

Bangladesh Army has also arranged special medical services for pregnant women. The beneficiaries have cited the action of the army as a ‘unique example of humanity’.

Navy vessels and contingents worked to ensure that people should maintain social distancing, corona suspects and patients remain in quarantine and isolation as well as conducting public awareness activities.

Naval ships were engaged in urging fishermen at the sea and in coastal rivers to maintain social distancing.

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) aircraft have transported many foreign citizens to their countries and brought back many Bangladeshis from foreign countries in the wake of the corona pandemic.

They brought various emergency medical equipment and medical aids from many countries to fight coronavirus.

So far, 81 policemen have lost their lives in the fight against Covid-19, 18,802 others have been infected while 18,399 have recovered from the disease, the Police Headquarters said in the latest statistics on Monday.

A superintendent of police, an additional superintendent of police, nine inspectors, 15 sub-inspectors, eight assistant sub-inspectors, a Naik and 36 constables are among the decease.

On March 8, the first corona patient was detected in the country. And on April 3, the first member of the police died from Covid-19 infection.

Many believe that infection cases have come down a lot due to the timely action taken by the police headquarters and safety measures.

The police took various public awareness programmes after the first corona case was detected at Tolarbagh in Mirpur here. The area went into lockdown after that.

Tofail Ahmed, officer-in-charge of Darussalam police station, said, “This is a different experience in my long working life. We did a lot of work during the corona pandemic.”

“We went to houses of residents to inquiry about their condition and delivered food items to many people.”

Assistant Inspector General (media) of the Police Headquarters Md Sohel Rana said: “Corona has taught us a lot. But we are happy to keep people safe. However, we have had to give our lives for this.”