Stop unauthorised campus of private universities

20 May, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A daily sun report on Tuesday once again has brought to light the sorry state of private universities in Bangladesh. Reportedly, currently there are around 100 private universities in the country. Of them, a good number are far from having any characteristics of a university; rather they are more like business propositions than institutions of higher education.

It is indeed a cause for great concern that some private varsities are operating in a few rented rooms beside malls. A university cannot run in such small places like pigeon cages. Some private universes are even smaller in size than coaching centres.

Quoting UGC sources, our report says, nine private universities are operating unapproved campuses and another one is running illegal campus, violating the private university act. In total UGC sorted out 27 private universities including the aforesaid ten universities for having various shortcomings. The UGC also alerted admission seekers that it would not take responsibility if their academic life gets hampered or they get cheated by taking admission into these universities.

However, we think UGC cannot evade responsibility by merely warning admission seekers about taking admission into some universities. It must make the wayward universities fall in line or close their operations.

Recently released UGC Report revealed that a good number of the private universities of the country are not following the guidelines of Private University Act-2010. But when the UGC is going to take up some curative measures, it is being mired in a heap of lawsuits or running into political pressure.

Therefore, it is clear that the wayward private universities are determined to have things their own way. To bring them under strong control, formation the higher education commission seems the need of the hour. It is the government’s duty to put an end to this selling of certificates by any means because it is disgraceful for a country’s education system.