A Fairy, Dressed In White

Arko Somujjal Dutta

30 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

One fairy was crying in the depth of darkness

Wish she could see the splendid sea shore;

Wish that could bring her reward of god bless.

She never tried to breathe so hard before.


Once she was trying to live, live like a human.

But God had made her a fairy, not to enjoy the life

That has kept her away from peace, throwing her knife

Then she was just a wingless fairy who’s not enlightened.


Now it’s not being a story of the fairy, dressed white gown

This time there is some light

Some good souls are helping her to fight

This time she stops trying to breathe,


Tries to jump down to fly.

This brings her wings back.

Her effort to help others was

Without any lack.


Though she was a venturous little fairy

She lost herself looking for light

She cried and cried every night

The time,

She started to think herself as simple and kind

Then God erases her past, tragical memories

With a sweetest breeze of southeast wind.