Styles Every Guy Should Try

18 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Styles Every Guy Should Try

This fall, most men in the country are busy getting geared up for the upcoming cooler seasons. It means a lot of layering, looking ‘suited-and-booted,’ rocking cool denim jackets and what not! Well, fall fashion and winter fashion are surely such trends that one can never go wrong with! When you are neither sure of your colour theme nor have any idea of what looks or does not look good on you, the consequences may be abysmal. To help you out, many fashion houses including ‘Demand’ have already launched their winter collections. 

A guy who could rock a red muffler and look like a hopeless romantic in it may inspire you to pick that style up. However, beware! Anything that looks great on someone else may just not be appropriate for you. Additionally, if you really want a certain fashion staple very badly, there are a few adjustments you could make in your haircut, beard and other attires to make that look not only appropriate but phenomenal on you. Here are some cool ideas you can surely try out.


The Trend Spotter

For those who are fashion connoisseurs and want to add an extra edge to their looks, we are back with some groovy and stylish ideas. Brace yourself and get ready for an exciting journey that covers everything from high fashion to street styles.


Inspired by ‘Che’

Let’s start our fashion mission with that debonair red muffler that we had initially spoken of at the beginning of this article. While many women want to look chic, there are many men who want to look ‘Che’ that is like the famous revolutionary Che Guavera. If you are one of those men, the muffler can fit in very cozily into this look. With a hat such as that of Che, a muted, long sleeved t-shirt and rugged jeans, you can never go wrong! Put on a pair of classy shades to really amp up the vibes.


Better grooming

A pale brown jacket with a black t-shirt and blue jeans is surely a stunning combination. Unfortunately, it has been used by countless men time and again. Your haircut and beard can be a game changer in this style. Opt for a near to chin hairstyle. Don’t worry- you can tie it up when it causes discomfort (most women love that manly bun hairstyle too!). Keep your beard and moustache for a more macho look.


Party perfect

Look impeccable in a neutral, printed suit with a bright printed shirt. Opt for a pair of shiny and elegant shoes. Remember the bun hairstyle we spoke of in the last segment? That hairstyle is perfect for this hot, manly style statement.


The colour conundrum

It’s okay to explore colours and, of course, during seasons such as fall or winter it becomes even more important that you do so. That is because most people stick to either grey or black around this time. Any other darker colours such as chocolate brown can totally intensify the fashion quotient!


In tune with rhythms

For a more urban and street dancer kind of feel, opt for neon orange jackets with an all black pair. A fancy belt can break the monotony between the balck t-shirt and black jeans. Additionally, provide a bit of contrast with a pair of white sneakers.

Model: Azmi 

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Wardrobe: Demand  

Makeover: Shovan Makeover  

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom