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Nazrul University: Cremation in the memory of Nazrul

  • Md Ashikur Rahman
  • 29th May, 2023 05:00:28 PM
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Nazrul University: Cremation in the memory of Nazrul

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Kazi Nazrul Islam was first brought to Bangladesh in Trishal, Mymensingh in 1913. After 93 years, the arrival of the poet, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University was established in a place of ashes in memory of the poet.

The whole campus is like Nazrul's touch, Nazrul's memory. Not only the memorial named 'Chir Unnata Mama Shir' and two cafeterias named 'Chakrabak', ‘Chandrabindu' also the two residential halls of the university are named after Nazrul's works, 'Agnibeena:, 'Dolonchapa'.  'Prabhati', ‘Dhumketu’, ‘Notun Pothik', 'Jhingeful', 'Bidrohi', 'Pralayashikha' ‘Durer Bondhu’ bus names and three stage names 'Churuliya Mancha', 'Gahi Samye Gaan Mancha', ‘Jayadhani Mancha' besides the only medical center is also named after Nazrul's book 'Byathar Daan'. Naming of scholarships for students  Named after the members of the poet family, ‘Promila Scholarship', 'Bulbul Scholarship', ''Kazi Sabyasaachi Scholarship', 'Kazi Aniruddha Scholarship', 'Uma Kazi Scholarship, 'Kallani Kazi Scholarship'. There is a separate corner of Nazrul's books in the central library. Every year prominent Nazrul personalities were awarded the medal for contributing to Nazrul Sangeet, Nazrul Memory and Nazrul Research.

The university has established 'Institute of Nazrul Studies' in 2014 to conduct research and academic activities on Nazrul life, literature and music. According to Vice-chancellor and Director of Institute Prof Dr Soumitra Shekhar, “Tthe objective of the university is education, research and development. The university is named after Poet Nazrul. So, more research will be done on Nazrul. Teachers will do the research, it is their duty. Students will also be brought into the study. Its number will increase. Officers can come to research if they want. We will publish those works so that everyone in the world can see. A new building is going to be constructed for this institute. Then its scope will be further extended.”

PhD and MPhil programmes are running in various disciplines to continue research on the national poet's various songs, poems, novels, dramas and above all his biography and life work apart from a compulsory course titled Nazrul Studies is taught in each department in order to promote Nazrul consciousness, he added.

Talking to daily sun, Dr Md Humayun Kabir, Registrar of the university, said “Institute of Nazrul Studies (INS) is an important place for the dedicated Nazrul research in our University. Several collaborative research initiatives have been initiated through the INS. It has already signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with three more national and international universities namely, Kazi Nazrul University in West Bengal, India, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran and Rabindra University Bangladesh. We want to introduce our Nazrul throughout the world by the INS.”

(The writer is Nazrul University Correspondent)