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Establishing BSMMU as Role Model Is Our Motto

  • Professor Md Sharfuddin Ahmed
  • 11th March, 2023 09:25:14 PM
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Establishing BSMMU as Role Model Is Our Motto
Professor Md Sharfuddin Ahmed

Our Sonar Bangladesh (Golden Bangladesh) is the dream and sacrificial achievement of the Greatest Bengali of All Time Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Twenty-five years after establishment of my Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) by his worthy daughter Janonetri Sheikh Hasina, it has emerged as a dependable place for 17-crore people of Bangladesh. On the auspicious occasion of the fourth convocation ceremony of this noble university named after Bangabandhu, I deem it a great pride as a vice-chancellor to greet you as the chancellor. And, on this glorious occasion, I express my heart-felt congratulations to the honourable post-graduate achievers of our university.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University is not only the highest healthcare organization of the people of Bengal, but also the best seat of research and learning as well as training of health science in our country. Each and every day, we ensure healthcare service to thousands of patients. At the same time, hundreds of basic research papers are published every year from here. Getting an opportunity to study in such a place of learning is really a dream and receiving a degree on completion of education from here is like fulfillment of the dream. We have sincerely organized the fourth convocation ceremony of BSMMU in an attempt to formally recognize you on the moment of fulfillment of your dream.

Aiming to pursue medical education in post-graduate course and providing healthcare service, the Institute of Post-Graduate Medicine and Research (IPGM&R) was established in 1965 for the first time in Dhaka at 3-Star Shahbagh Hotel. This institute had no authority of bestowing degree to students although it was undergoing post-graduate education and research programme. Dhaka University was entrusted with the responsibility.

On April 30, 1998, the then IPGM&R was elevated to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University with an objective of ensuring people’s basic right to healthcare service and enhancing the standard of education, research and service in the country. Bangabandhu’s worthy daughter Janonetri Sheikh Hasina has set up the first independent public medical university of Bangladesh by passing a law in Parliament. Since its inception, the university has become a desirable institution of the country’s people by dint of sincere efforts of its teachers, physicians, nurses, officials and employees.

However, it is a matter of great regret that in 2001 within just three years of its establishment, efforts were made to turn the university again into IPGM&R by the government of BNP-Jamaat alliance after its ascension to power. At the instigation of DAB and its employees who were loyal to the government of BNP-Jamaat alliance carried on attacks and imprisoned them who got involved in establishing it as a medical university. But because of violent mass movement, the BNP-Jamaat government stayed back from their decision. They put down its nameplate and conspired to transfer it to Gazipur, Tungipara or elsewhere. As Bangabandhu’s daughter Janonetri Sheikh Hasina came back to power winning support from majority of the country’s people in 2008, she took an initiative to turn it into a centre of excellence. It is because of her initiative the university was extended in many ways. She allotted 525 crores of taka for overall development of the university. Because of her direct support, it has been possible to quickly extend the new Cabin Block, Oncology Bhaban, new Outdoors Department, modern ICU, OT Complex, arrangement for various tests at affordable costs and arranging separate cabin system.

I want to announce it with immense pleasure that this university named after Bangabandhu has been placed on the list of global standard service. Two prominent research organizations of Spain and the USA have placed this university as the 5th top university of Bangladesh among other universities and honoured it as the 2nd one among South Asian medical organizations.

Presently, 105 post-graduate courses are running here. Besides Bangladeshis, around 350 students students from 11 countries of the world, including India, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Somalia, Canada, Yemen, the USA, Iran and Australia are studying here.

Everyday, around 8,000 patients return home happily after taking outdoor treatment from here. There exist 57 full-fledged departments, including different units. Financial management has been disciplined and digitized.

In our hospital people from all strata of life have expressed satisfaction after undergoing treatment. Former Presidents of Bangladesh, ministers, government high officials, important persons of society and their families are taking daily treatment here. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University has now been turned into a dependable place of treatment to the people of the country.      

Considering 50 years’ planning in mind, all kinds of development activities are going on as per a master plan. Shortly, there will be added Emergency Service, One-point Check-up, Daycare Centre, Bone Marrow Transplantation, E-Ticketing—smart procedures in every sphere. While conducting the activities, we have to face many limitations. Despite limitations, it is because of sincere efforts of all teachers, students, nurses, officers and employees, the university’s educational and healthcare service as well as research activities are going on successfully.           

In presence of medical scientists from home and abroad, international science conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops are being organized here every day. Grabbing the opportunity, our students and young doctors are enriching themselves with new knowledge and novel experiences. With active support and collaboration of different medical science-related societies, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University is being emerged as the centre of medical science in Bangladesh.

In future, I shall do the needful for overall development of the university. On the occasion of the fourth convocation ceremony, I make a commitment as a vice-chancellor to turn the university as a role model of the world. It is the expectation of all that BSMMU will one day raise it head high on the globe by providing improved healthcare service and connecting with international network of education and research. Inshallah, our endeavour will be succeeded following  sincere support of Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and collective efforts of all concerned.

The writer is Professor Dr Md Sharfuddin Ahmed

Translated by Z A M Khairuzzaman