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Old story of fake drugs

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  • 22nd April, 2022 08:57:50 PM
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Old story of fake drugs

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It is not a mean feat that Bangladesh exports medicines to a large number of countries after meeting 97 per cent of the local demand. Given the existing flow, days are not far away when the country will reach a stage of near sufficiency in the production of the life saving substances. The achievement is no doubt monumental. Actually next to rice production, the country is on the threshold of self-dependence in the production of quality medicines. To the best of our knowledge, no other country has ever raised question about the quality of the medicines produced by our pharmaceutical industries. In addition to earning huge foreign exchange, medicines have also earned name and fame for the country. Bangladesh is now a brand name in the global arena of drugs and medicines.

But, domestically, the scenario is not as ideal as it should be. The tragic irony is that people in a country that supplies other countries with quality drugs suffer from severe health complications for abundant supply of spurious drugs in attractive and colourful foils and packets. According to media reports, the country’s medicine market remains flooded with forged and substandard drugs as before. A powerful syndicate of fake medicine producers is marketing these harmful substances with active connivance of unlicensed retail drug outlets numbering almost equal to the legal ones. Beside these hazardous fake medicines there is the danger of date-expired drugs. Patients are buying and using such harmful things unknowingly. Public health is seriously at stake under the multidimensional onslaughts of these dangerous substances.

Who will protect people from this looming danger? Obviously, the responsibility rests upon the drug administration. But during the long years of galloping surge of fake and date-expired medicines, the Rip Van Winkles in the Drug Administration were never found rising up from deep slumber and plunging into action. Substandard drugs also tarnish the image of the genuine drug producers and cause huge economic loss to them. We do not know whether they have exerted pressure on the authorities concerned to conduct powerful drives against the producers of spurious medicines. Let them combine their strength and bring an end to public sufferings due to production and sales of fake drugs.