Saturday, 18 September, 2021

Older Kindles may lose internet connection: Amazon

Older Kindles may lose internet connection: Amazon
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  • 29th July, 2021 08:33:46 PM
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Some older Kindle e-readers will soon no longer be able to connect to the internet to download new books, Amazon has said.

First- and second-generation Kindles did not come with wi-fi functions included, using mobile internet only, BBC reported.

But the slower technology used at the time - 2G and 3G internet - is being discontinued in some places, particularly the United States.

Several other models will also be restricted to wi-fi only.

Upfront cost

The mobile-capable versions have historically been more expensive than the equivalent wi-fi-only models.

But aside from that upfront cost, there is no mobile-data bill for Kindles - Amazon pays those fees to keep customers connected to its online store.

The affected devices include models first released as recently as 2016.

Newer ones, which use 4G technology, are unaffected.