Bangladesh-origin Imran Khan becomes Chairman of Aleph Holding


17th June, 2021 06:08:00 PM printer

Bangladesh-origin Imran Khan becomes Chairman of Aleph Holding

Aleph Holding, global partner to the world’s biggest digital media players, on Thursday announced that renowned technology investor and entrepreneur Imran Khan is joining the business as Chairman of the Board.

He will work closely with Gaston Taratuta, Founder and CEO of Aleph Holding, as the organisation eyes significant new growth targets.

Imran Khan, born and raised in Bangladesh was a prominent debater during his early days.

He later on moved to the United States as a student and graduated from the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business in 2000.

He is responsible for leading two of the largest tech IPOs in history - Alibaba and Snap – and is known for joining businesses that are primed for accelerated growth.

Aleph is on track to hit $1bn in revenue this year.

Imran Khan will help the company scale beyond this milestone by accessing new markets, acquiring additional partners and continuing to diversify its service and technology offering.

"I first met Gaston Taratuta five years ago, when his firm won a major contract with Snap,” states Imran Khan, Chairman of Aleph Holding.

“Since then I have kept an eye on the company, because Aleph’s business model is unique. The organisation has a global infrastructure that is underpinned by genuine local expertise, and combines this with innovative technology in a way no other business in this space can. I’ve been impressed by the breath of the platforms they represent as well as the positive impact they have for advertisers in every market they enter. This is a model with a profound opportunity to scale," he said.

“Imran brings a huge amount of expertise to our business, and his combination of entrepreneurial thinking and global technology experience are the perfect fit for the next stage in our journey,” states Gaston Taratuta, CEO of Aleph Holding.

“I founded the business in 2005 with just $5,000, and today we’re looking to close a year at $1bn in revenue. We see significant new commercial opportunities in Aleph, and Imran will play a key role in helping us achieve them.”

Aleph connects the biggest players in digital media (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitch and TikTok) with the advertisers that rely on them, whether they’re global brands or aspiring entrepreneurs.

The company ensures that the opportunities offered by digital media are available in every corner of the globe - and does this in over 70 markets worldwide.