Quader Mirza starts hunger strike protesting Ekramul’s remark

Staff Correspondent

22nd January, 2021 08:44:18 printer

Quader Mirza starts hunger strike protesting Ekramul’s remark

Newly-elected mayor of Basurhat municipality Abdul Quader Mirza on Friday started a ‘hunger strike’ in protest against Noakhali-4 lawmaker Ekramul Karim Chowdhury’s defamatory remark about Obaidul Quader.

Besides, local Awami League leaders and activists demonstrated at Basurhat in the afternoon protesting Ekramul’s remark.

Addressing the rally, Mirza, younger brother of AL general secretary Obaidul Quader, firmly said that the hunger strike programme would continue until the Noakhali district chapter of AL is dissolved.

AL Leaders and activists across the country have sharply reacted to Ekramul’s defamatory comment on party’s general secretary Obaidul Quader.

A born dreamer as well as a natural orator, Obaidul Quader owns a long and rich political career and he has always been dynamically involved in politics since his college days.

He played an active role during the 6-Point Movement in 1966. He took part actively in the Mass Upsurge and the 11-Point Movement of students in 1969. In 1971, he participated in the Liberation War of Bangladesh as the Commander of Companiganj Thana Mujib Forces.

Earlier on Thursday midnight, Ekramul has claimed that Obaidul Quader belongs to a ‘family of razakars’.

Ekramul, also the general secretary of Noakhali district AL, made the remark during a Facebook live post.

Though the 27-second video clip was removed eventually, the post went viral on social media.