Active internet connections 100 million

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14th May, 2020 10:01:47 printer

Active internet connections 100 million

Active internet connections in Bangladesh have crossed the landmark of 100 million following a surge by 3.26 million in March, according to the telecom regulator.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) unveiled the latest data till March on Thursday.

Industry insiders said the number of fixed broadband connections has increased tremendously by 40.76 percent in March and reached 80.84 lakh due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

By the end of March, the total number of active connections was 103.2 million, which was 99.9 million previously in February this year, which means around 60 percent of the country's population had access to internet by then.

In the last six months, the internet service industry has seen ups and downs -- if this were not the case, the 100 million landmark would have been achieved possibly a few months ago, according to reports from the telecom regulator.

The total number of active internet connections in the country reached 90 million back in August 2018, while it stood at 80 million in November just the year before.

Bangladesh hit 70 million internet users in April 2017 while in March 2016, the number had been just 60 million.

Of the total number of active internet connections, mobile carriers control the lion's share with 92.17 percent or 95.2 million users.

Meanwhile, Wi-Max operators are trudging on with their 2,000 active internet connections, read the BTRC report.