Will Selena Gomez be able to have kids after kidney transplant? — Doctor explains

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15th September, 2017 01:59:20 printer

Will Selena Gomez be able to have kids after kidney transplant? — Doctor explains



There are a lot of questions looming after Selena Gomez’s big reveal that she had a kidney transplant,  a lupus specialist to get you those answers.


How will a kidney transplant affect Selena Gomez‘s life in the long run? We spoke to Dr Michael Lockshin of the Lupus Center at HSS, and although he has not treated Selena directly, he shared some very interesting insight on kidney transplants. One question regarding Selena’s case is whether or not the lupus or kidney transplant could affect her ability to bear children, but Dr Lockshin revealed that her life can (and hopefully will) be entirely normal going forward. “It all depends on kidney function, whether there’s rejection going on, and if the lupus comes back or not,” Dr Lockshin explained. “But, I’ve had patients who’ve become world travelers, who will go around, get married and have children.” Again, full disclosure: Dr Lockshin has not treated Selena Gomez, and he’s not her physician.


As we previously reported, Selena’s recovery process could actually have been much easier than her donor’s, Francia Raisa, 29. Dr Lockshin explained that for the donor, it’s a much more difficult process because they can feel anemic and may need blood. As for the receiver, which in this case is Selena, as long as there is no rejection that they almost “immediately” feel better because they now have a fully functioning kidney. Of course that doesn’t mean that Selena was immediately in the clear, as Dr. Lockshin explained that both receivers and donors need approximately 2-3 weeks, if not more, to recover from the transplant surgery. As you’ve already seen, Selena is back to work filming her new Woody Allen movie and looking the picture of health!