Shilpa Shetty’s healthy recipes now on restaurant menu

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9th May, 2017 10:40:51 printer

Shilpa Shetty’s healthy recipes now on restaurant menu


When it comes to eating right and staying fit, Shilpa Shetty has always been an inspiration. The actress turned businesswoman who launched her own fitness YouTube channel with the ‘Shilpa Shetty Wellness Series’ earlier this year, often shares videos of basic exercises and encourages people towards a healthy living. She also features in the cookery videos on her channel sharing her inside secrets on eating healthy.


According to reports, now owing to the popularity of the channel and the recipes featured in it, a Bengaluru-based restaurant has approached Shetty to curate a special section of the menu named after her.


In a statement, the fitness enthusiast said, “I am happy people are following my channel and dishes like the Jeera Chicken and Payasam are finding a place on restaurant menus. Guiding people through a healthy lifestyle is something I am passionate about.”


Shetty is surely going places. Earlier this year, at Google’s Indian restaurant, Baadal at Googleplex, the tech giant’s corporate headquarters in California, a special Shilpa Shetty playlist replaced the name of the food items on the menu. This was a part of their welcome program when she visited the restaurant.


There was a interesting melange of food and music like Barasja ae Baadal rice, Tum Lasooni Dal Tadka mein rehte ho, Kadhai Chole ke Dil ka Karaar Lootne, Dil Ne Yeh Kahaa hai Spicy Mushroom Mattar Butter Masala with Cashew se, Churaa Ke Dil Mera, Coconut Irachi Curry, In Dino Dil Mera Tava and more!


Quite an interesting way to pique people’s interest and push them into eating healthier.