Does banana cause cold?

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10th April, 2016 01:34:14 printer

Does banana cause cold?

In Bangladesh, we all are familiar with all season’s fruit Banana. Many of us even cannot think a day without having a piece of banana. And another better side of this fruit is that it can be handled easily and smartly.


Because bananas are both nutritious and flavorful and what’s even better is that they come prepackaged! When you’re sitting at your desk mulling over your work, peel a banana, enjoy the fruit, and toss the peel – you don’t even need to get up to wash your hands when you’re done with your snack! So we know that bananas have many health benefits but could they have any negative effects… are there any “banana side effects”? A common old wives’ tale is that eating bananas at night causes a cold, so let’s see if there is any merit to this claim.


A cold is a contagious viral infection, so obviously eating bananas cannot cause a cold. You might start wonder at this point whether bananas can increase the risk of getting a cold.


Well, bananas do increase mucus and phlegm buildup and this may cause additional respiratory distress. A 2010 study conducted by American scientists revealed that eating a slightly unripe Cavendish banana can actually reduce your chances of catching a common cold. A certain enzyme present in these bananas inhibits the cold-causing bacteria.