Stylish Bedroom Curtain Ideas

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5 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Stylish Bedroom Curtain Ideas

The right curtain on the windows can enhance the beauty of the room and make you feel relaxed. In other words, the wrong curtains can do the opposite! The last thing we would want is to add stress in our home and, hypothetically, distress in our lives. A good night's sleep is absolutely important, so it makes sense to ensure when you're designing your bedroom that it is a haven for relaxation. Dressing the windows well is a vital consideration; if your curtains let in too much light you might wake early. If it’s of the wrong colour pattern, it might make your room gloomy. Give yourself a good night’s rest and make your home even more pleasant with these chic bedroom curtain ideas:


Create A Relaxed Room With Pale Fabrics

Bedrooms are the ultimate place to relax, so choose textures and colours that are going to help create a restful atmosphere. Don't shy away from floaty fabrics or light colours. If you want to block out light, you can pair them with a lining made from a heavy or black-out fabric in a pale shade.

Get The Correct Fabric

Fabric choice is the key. Light and airy options look lovely and can provide privacy, but are not effective if you like to sleep in complete darkness, in which case black-out curtains might be a better choice. Heavier fabrics such as thick cottons, slubby linens and rich velvets, especially if lined with blackout fabric, will keep the light at bay. Or, why not layer a light cotton curtain with a heavier blackout option or even shutters for the best of both worlds?


Opt For Vintage Style Print

This is perhaps very common in Bangladesh. Almost every house has one. Your vintage styled curtain could have floral motifs or prints, trees or other rhythmic patterns styled in a classic way with a light or tinted backdrop that resembles the 70’s and 80’s era.


Layer Fabrics For A Versatile Design 

Doing so will create a feeling of luxury, even if you haven't spent a fortune on the curtains and blinds. Opt for two curtain types, one solid and one filmy, perhaps white, and hang them on separate or dual poles. The result is a pretty look that filters the light and offers privacy as well as subtle colour.


Hang Curtains From Floor To Ceiling

The drop of a curtain is very important in creating the look you desire. While from a functional point of view, a curtain need only reach just below the window sill, but allowing the curtain to skim the floor will look more contemporary and elegant. It will also mean the curtains frame the window nicely when kept open.

Make sure you opt for good fabrics and materials while purchasing your curtain. Curtains are something we do not change everyday or even every week. Most people will probably change their curtains once in a few months. So it is important to make sure that you get the right one for your bedroom.