Saturday, 30 September, 2023

Overrun By Dengue Patients

Govt lowers dengue test fee; now Tk 50

Govt lowers dengue test fee; now Tk 50
The dedicated dengue wards of Mugda General Hospital runs out of space as growing number of patients being admitted to the hospital. Many dengue patients receive treatment at the staircase and balcony as the hospital has been dealing with a huge number of patients and that too in much higher numbers than its capacity. The snaps were taken on Wednesday. — Reaz Ahmed Sumon

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The government has fixed Taka 50 instead of Tk 100 for fees to test dengue at public hospitals for the next one month, according to a statement of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), reports BSS.

People have been asked not to be panicked about the recent spike of dengue... People must be more careful about prevention measures to combat dengue outbreak, the statement issued on Wednesday said.

The DGHS has advised to keep clean inside and outside the houses and destroy potential sources of breeding of Aedes mosquito for stopping outbreak of the disease.

It also urged all to give attention to the following instructions to combat the outbreak of dengue.

The statement read the people, who suffer from fever, must visit hospitals for dengue test after taking advices of doctors.

Suspected dengue cases showed some symptoms including 104 degrees body temperature, severe headache, pain behind eyes, pain in body muscles and joints, frequent vomiting, nasal gland swelling and body rash.

According to the DGHS instruction, Aedes mosquito larvae will die if water accumulated in any container or place in the house and surroundings is cleaned for three consecutive days.

To remove mosquito eggs from used utensils, the utensil should be cleaned by rubbing it with bleaching powder.

Flower tubs, plastic pots, abandoned tires, plastic drums, clay pots, buckets, tin buckets, tin shells or coconut garlands, containers, mats, battery cells should be kept clean as Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs on those.