Monday, 2 October, 2023

A new leader in toiletries business

As the country’s largest business conglomerate Bashundhara Group enters into the toiletries business, we cannot help but feel hopeful of having quality toiletry products at affordable rates. At present the country’s toiletry products market size is estimated to be worth around Tk. 25,000 crore, which will reach Tk. 40,000 crore within a few years. The entrance of Bashundhara Group in this robust market is important for multifarious reasons. Firstly, since Bashundhara products are well-known for adhering to the highest level of quality standards, it will help end the dominance of foreign brands in the local market.
And then, by leveraging its superb manufacturing capacity, experience of catering to a wide-range of household and food products, and extensive supply chain and logistics, Bashundhara Group can bring about a much-needed dynamism in the retail market. The demand for quality products is steadily going up in the consumer market riding on the back of economic growth and people’s increasing spending power. As a result local entrepreneurs are pouring in huge money in establishing new brands and proving their worth in terms of quality and price affordability.
Therefore, there is no denying that the success of the local brands in the booming consumer market augurs well for the country because it will reduce imports, and at the same time high-end customers will find world-class toiletries and other products in the local market. Moreover, Bashundhara Group aims to export toiletries products from next year.
With the motto ‘For the People, For the Country’, Bashundhara Group is not merely doing business to make profit, but is primarily focused on serving the people and the country. It owns nearly 40 big enterprises and is the largest employment generating business house in Bangladesh. Bashundhara’s motto of never compromising with the quality of products has made it a household name in Bangladesh and achieved success in whichever ventures it launches. We wish the group all the best in its newest venture!