Tuesday, 26 September, 2023

Vegetable prices fall slightly

Vegetable prices fall slightly

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The prices of vegetables declined slightly, but that of meat, fish, potato, onion, ginger, and sugar were still high at the kitchen markets in the capital on Friday.

Essential commodities price is not stable although the mass people were waiting for the good that the prices of daily commodities would come to a tolerable level after the proposed national budget was placed on Thursday.

There are some steps taken in the new budget to reduce the prices of meat and other commodities, but its effect is yet to come to the market, said Ashraful Islam, a consumer at the Mirpur 11 kitchen market.

He said the prices of vegetables declined by Tk 5-10 in the market compared to the previous week, but it was sold at a much higher price in the last month.

The vegetable prices are still high compared to the price before Eid, he said.

Some vegetables were sold between Tk 50-60 per kg while it was sold between TK 60-80 in the previous week.

Pointed gourd, okra, brinjal, green papaya, ribbed gourd and snake gourd was sold at TK 50-60 per kg while bitter gourd, yardlong bean, stolon of taro and tomato were sold at TK 60-80 per kg. The drum stick was old at 100-120 per kg.

The potato price increased to Tk 40 while the onion price increased to Tk 85-90 per kg from Tk 75-80 per kg in a week. Ginger was sold at Tk 320-450 per kg.

Sugar was sold at Tk 140 per kg and soybean oil was at Tk 198 per litre.

Broiler chicken has been sold at Tk 220 per kg and Sonali chicken price increased to Tk 340-350 per kg from Tk 320-330 per kg in a week. Farm egg was sold at Tk 140 a dozen.

The beef was sold at Tk 800 per kg while mutton at Tk 1100-1200 per kg.

Tilapia was sold at Tk 220-250 per kg, pangas at Tk 220 per kg, shrimp at Tk 700-1200 per kg, ruhi, katla and mrigel at Tk 360-400 per kg,

Farmed koi was sold at Tk 250 per kg, pabda was Tk 400 per kg, shing was Tk 500 per kg, tengra was Tk 450 per kg, ayar fish was Tk 1200 per kg and boal was Tk 700-800 per kg.