Friday, 2 June, 2023

Establishing Islamic University

Another pioneering initiative of BG

Another pioneering initiative of BG

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The Bashundhara Group (BG) is not just a business house like any other of its kind. It has been able to draw a distinct line of demarcation with others. The first of the features is that it is already the largest business conglomerate of the country. This has been possible because of the fact that its policymakers have always adopted and implemented innovative and creative development plans suited to the specific business realities of the country. Besides doing business, BG has remained committed to its social responsibility and contributed much for the welfare of the common people.

Another distinguishing feature of BG is that it did not tail behind others in its pursuits. Because of being inventive, it has been ahead of others in creative thinking and thus was able to play pioneering roles in a host of arenas. Let us take the example of establishing an exclusive sports television channel. T-sports owned by the Bashundhara Group is the first Bangla-language television channel dedicated to sports programming. Within less than three years of service since late 2020, it has gained much popularity among the sports loving people of the country. The Bashundhara Sports Complex, going to be enriched with standard cricket and hockey stadiums, golf course, swimming complex and indoor games facilities etc., is set to create precedence not only in Bangladesh but also in Asia as a full-fledged sports venue. The Bashundhara Kings Arena, one of the key components of the Complex, is the home venue of Bashundhara Kings. It upholds the standard of FIFA and AFC and is provided with international standard floodlight system and other necessary features.

The recently held ‘Quraner Noor’ Contest, the biggest-ever Qur’an recitation competition in the country, is another creative initiative of the Bashundhara Group. While distributing prizes among the winners of the Quraner Noor competition, the honourable Chairman of the Bashundhara Group declared that they desire to establish an Islamic university in the Bashundhara Residential Area jointly with the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque to facilitate Islamic education and research with a view to spreading throughout the world the true messages of the Holy Qur’an. It hardly needs to be mentioned that the Bashundhara Group is going to be a pioneer in this particular arena too.

Other business houses can emulate the pioneering role played by the Bashundhara Group.