Monday, 29 May, 2023

‘Resist evil forces to sustain democracy’

PABNA: President Mohammed Shahabuddin on Wednesday urged every citizen of the country to resist the evil forces at home and abroad who are creating obstacles in the way of democracy and development, reports UNB.

He made this call during a visit to 'Pabna Diabetic Association' followed by an exchange of views this morning on the third day of his four-day visit to his home district Pabna for the first time as the country’s head of state.

He also called for unitedly resisting all kinds of conspiracies and anarchy surrounding the 12th national election in the last week slated for end this year or first week of January

The people are the source of all power, the president said adding We will resist all the evil forces that are creating obstacles in the way of Bangladesh’s progress and will not give them any chance to raise their heads.

Only then, the valiant freedom fighter said, there won’t be no hurdle in building a Bangladesh earned independence with high hopes under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Referring to the election, he said, According to the law, there will be an impartial election under an independent election commission.

The President said, at present, there is no chance of any election to be held under an unelected government. The national election will be held according to the constitution.

The President requested all political parties to participate in the election resolving their conflicts through negotiation and compromise.

Shahabuddin said Bangladesh is at the peak of development today. Bangladesh proudly stands with its head high in the comity of nations today as the government has brightened its image and improved the condition of the people.

He said the ongoing democratic development and democracy in the country should be maintained under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Earlier, local MP Ghulam Farooq Prince and president of the association Bebi Islam, a valiant freedom fighter, welcomed the president with flowers on arrival at the Diabetic Society.

He also visited the office of Diabetic Association under Pabna Health Service Hospital and exchanged greetings with the officials and doctors there.