Monday, 29 May, 2023

Apurba, Keya Payel’s ‘Subhashini’

Single-episode drama ‘Subhashini’ will be aired on Maasranga Television at 10:30pm today. Written and directed by Preeti Dutta, the play stars Ziaul Faruq Apurba, Keya Payel and others.
In the story of the drama, one day a girl named Faria would have fallen under Nihad’s car. After getting down from the car in a bad mood, Nihad gets angry on Faria. Later, he thought he seemed to have said a little too much to her. When Nihad came home at night, he saw that the girl is his grandmother’s new nurse.
Nihad looks after his father’s business. His marriage is fixed with his father’s friend’s daughter Faiza. Faiza often visits this house. On the other hand, Nihad comes to know that Faria is of his friend’s sister. Faria’s simplicity gradually makes Nihad interested in her. Meanwhile, Faiza notices the matter. When his father starts pressuring Nihad about their marriage, he says that he doesn’t like Faiza and wants to marry Faria. Then the story takes a new turn.