Monday, 5 June, 2023

Krishnachura trees in full bloom in Shibchar

MADARIPUR: It is summer in nature. Shimul-Palash has left. The red peak of summer holds the red rays of spring. Raktalal Krishnachura is spreading in different places in Shibchar upazila of Madaripur.

Krishnachura has blossomed with the message of the scorching summer. The sight of the bright red Krishnachura in the gap between the green leaves will catch the eye of any passer-by.

Even a few days ago, nature was rough. The sky is burning in Boishakh, the wind is hot in the scorching sun. When life and nature are burning in the hot sun, the Krishnachura flower invites all the travelers with the message of beauty. By impressing this lifeless roughness of summer, Krishnachura has matched itself in nature as if in its glory. It is as if nature is sitting in the red of the road, in the desert, on the edge of the field.

Krishnachura flowers usually bloom in April-June. At this time, the nature of summer dazzles the eye-catching vermilion red black peak.

Also, Bakhrakandi area of Bhanga Expressway, Panchchar to Shibchar Road, Munshi Bazar were spotted at various places. Many people are taking pictures of this wonderful scene of nature. Some are taking home a bunch of flowers from many trees. College Road, various areas can be seen smiling at this Krishnachura.

Jamal Molla, a traveler in his sixties, said that once there was a lot of Krishnachura tree in nature but it is slowly declining. No one is interested in planting this tree as the wood of Krishnachura tree is not very important and the tree grows very slowly. But it is the infinite beauty of our nature. But we should all come forward to decorate nature.

Shibchar’s poet Abdul Aziz said, I love Krishnachura and Radhachura very much. I write a book about it. In this dry heat of summer, the black pine trees give peace. Nature looks very beautiful in crimson red.

Wahiduzzaman, president of the local voluntary organisation ‘DESH’, said that this colorful tree from Shibchar is decreasing day by day due to tree killing.

There is also a fear that this tree will disappear. Apart from the natural beauty, he urged the nature lovers to plant more black cherry trees for the sake of people and nature.