Saturday, 3 June, 2023

No end to Jatiya Party’s internal conflict

It may affect the party’s gains in next polls

The main opposition in parliament Jatiya Party’s internal conflict has not been resolved yet as the party’s two factionsare holding separate programmes on different issues. 

Party leaders said if such situation continues, then the party will not be able to make possible gain at the next general election.

The two factions of the Jatiya Party --one led by its chairman GM Quader, also deputy leader of the opposition, and another faction led by the party’s chief patron Raushon Ershad, also leader of the opposition -- are holding separate programmes on different party and national issues.

In this situation, the Jatiya Party leaders and activists across the country from central and to grassroots are confused about what side they will take in the party and such confusion has also divided the party into two factions from top to bottom.

“It is not our headache that they [Raushon faction] are holding separate programmes. Their activities can’t confuse the party men and also can’t affect the party’s gain in the election as the party leaders are not with them,” Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunno told the Daily Sun.

On the other hand, former secretary general of Jatiya Party Moshiur Rahman Ranga who is loyal to Raushon Ershad said, “The internal conflict between Raushon Ershad and GM Quader has not been resolved yet. That’s why we are holding separate programmes.”

The Jatiya Party leader also said if such conflicting situation continues, then it may affect the party’s possible gain in the next general election.

The Raushon Ershad faction held a discussion marking the great Independence Day at Emmanuel's convention centre in Gulshan of the capital on March 27 while the GM Quader faction did not join the programme.

Earlier, the party observed Jatiya Party founder HM Ershad’s birth anniversary with separate programmes but leaders of both the factions avoided each other’s programmes.     The party sources said the two factions-- GM Quader faction and Raushan Ershad faction -- have also planned to host iftar parties separately during this month of Ramadan.

The Jatiya Party led by GM Quader has planned to host an iftar party for diplomats at a hotel in Gulshan on April 2 while Raushon has also planned to host separate iftar party on another day.

The party insiders said the party’s internal conflict may deepen ahead of the next national polls as both the groups will try to make gain in the election.

“GM Quader wants to ensuring party nomination for his followers in the next general election while followers of Raushon also want to ensure their candidacy. This situation may deepen the crisis,” a senior leader of the party told the Daily Sun wishing not to be named.

Another senior leader of the party said, “If internal conflict prevails, then the Jatiya Party can’t go for strong bargaining with the ruling Awami League or with the opposition BNP over sharing of parliamentary seats in the next JS polls.”

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader thinks that an effort to keep the conflicting situation inside the party is being made to weaken it.

“A section wants to use someone for personal gain while someone is also ready to be used. However, it is the matter of fact that there is a question how much the effort will be effective,” he said.

Moshiur Rahman Ranga said the conflict between the two top leaders of Jatiya Party is still prevailing as GM Quader did not withdraw expulsion orders of the party’s former leaders yet.

He said the two factions will be unified if GM Quader meets some demands of Raushon.

The party insiders said GM Quader wants to restore the party’s image of ‘B team’ of the ruling Awami League as he has been criticising the government’s different activities.

On the other hand, some leaders of the party oppose this stance as they think that no benefit will be gained in the next national polls making the Awami League unhappy in any way, the sources added.

Sources said Raushon is taking preparations to hold the party’s national council soon under her own leadership, but GM Quader knows nothing about this.

“We have a plan to hold the party’s national council session soon. Our preparations are going on in full swing,” Raushon’s political secretary Golam Mosih, also member secretary of the council preparation committee, told the Daily Sun.

Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, “We know nothing about the council session. So, I don’t want to make any comment now.”

Jatiya Party insiders said the party plans to form a 21-member convening committee with Raushon as its chairman and GM Quader as adviser of the party in the council.