Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Resolve worsening gas problem

Gas crisis is a common phenomenon in our country. At the advent of Ramadan, the crisis worsened beyond tolerable level of fasting Muslims. Now, they have to buy Iftar items from restaurants as there is no gas supply to cook those at home. Housewives are passing hard times preparing meals for Seheri as gas crisis hit hard in the capital and elsewhere since day one of the holy month. ‘Gas crisis distresses people in Ramadan’ was the headline of yesterday’s lead story of a national vernacular daily. Residents said there is no gas supply from 8:00am until midnight every day, preventing them from cooking Iftar items and meals for Seheri. In fact, people’s sufferings during Ramadan have crossed all limits.

It is not a sudden catastrophe that gas supply in Dhaka and elsewhere can be hindered during this special month of the Muslims. The problem had even begun before Ramadan. It seems, relevant authorities were well aware from long ago that people would suffer more during this month. But they did not bother to take appropriate measures in due time. However, this crisis is affecting the domestic and commercial consumers equally. An improvement in the situation is not in sight at the moment. The matter of most concern is that the gas authorities have nothing to say in this regard. This means that the consumers will have to suffer for an indefinite period. 

The government has always spoken of uninterrupted gas supply. Lots of people thought this would surely be materialised. But in reality, such promises have gone with the wind. The government should take prudent measures to resolve the gas supply problem. The acute gas crisis must have an expiration date. The government leaders should find a durable and long-term solution to the problem.

Another concern is that age-old Titas gas lines pose a death risk. In recent times, series of accidents occurred due to gas explosion in different parts of the country. Although the longevity of the gas pipelines was 30 years, the same pipelines are still being used to supply gas even 20 years after the expiry date. The authorities should immediately engage with experts to find durable and long-term solution to the problem for the sake of public safety.