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Prices of brinjal, cucumber, lemon see sharp jump

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 25 March, 2023 12:00 AM
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Prices of brinjal, cucumber, lemon, green chilli and coriander leaves have witnessed a sharp rise at kitchen markets in the capital with the start of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Besides, prices of chicken, beef, fish, sugar, flour, rice, garlic, ginger, dates and rice maintained the previous high trend.

While visiting different kitchen markets at Mirpur, Shewrapara and Mohammadpur on Friday, the first day of Ramadan, it was seen that cucumber was selling at Tk 80 per kg, brinjal at Tk 90-100 a kg, green chilli at Tk 150 each kg, lemon (big) at Tk 25 per piece and small one at Tk 15 apiece and coriander leaves were retailing at Tk 20 per bunch.

A week earlier, the price of cucumber was Tk 50 per kg while that of brinjal Tk 60 per kg, green chilli Tk 100-120 per kg, lemon Tk 7-10 per piece and coriander leaves Tk 10 per bunch. Imtiaz Hossain, a private company employee, said he bought cucumber at Tk 50 per kg, lemon at Tk 30 per four pieces and coriander leaves at Tk 10 per bunch two days back. “However, prices of these items have seen a sharp rise within a couple of days with the start of Ramadan.”

Bean was selling at Tk 50 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 100-120 per kg, snake gourd at Tk 80 per kg, pointed gourd at Tk 80 per kg, okra at Tk 100 per kg, green papaya at Tk 30-40 per kg, yardlong bean at Tk 120 per kg and sponge gourd was retailing at 50-60 per kg.

Rafiqul Islam, a vegetable trader at Mirpur-6 Kitchen Market, said prices of some vegetables have increased at the retail level following a rise at the wholesale level.

Mohammad Karim, a lemon seller, said the demand for lemon has increased but the supply is not sufficient against the demand.

Broiler chicken was retailing at Tk 260-270 per kg, Sonali chicken at Tk 360-380 a kg, indigenous chicken at Tk 600-650 per kg, beef at Tk 750-800 per kg and mutton was selling at Tk 900-1,100 per kg.

The price of farm eggs was Tk 130 per dozen while that of indigenous chicken ones Tk 190-200 per dozen and duck eggs Tk 180-190 per dozen.

Onion was available at Tk 35-40 per kg while garlic at Tk 130-140 per kg, ginger at Tk 150 per kg and imported ginger at Tk 220 per kg.