Saturday, 1 April, 2023

The Eternal Ekushey

The Eternal Ekushey

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Different political parties, socio-cultural organisations, academic and professional bodies and individuals pay

homage to the 1952 Language Movement martyrs by placing wreaths on the premises of the Central

Shaheed Minar in the capital and elsewhere on Tuesday on the occasion of the Amar Ekushey and International Mother Language Day.



(1)          Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddique


(2)          Bangladesh Awami League


(3)          BNP


(4)          DU


(5)          BUET


(6)          Jatiya Press Club


(7)          UGC


(8)          DNCC

(9)          Two girls come to the Central Shaheed Minar to pay     homage to the martyrs of Language Movement.


(10)        NHRC


(11)        NU


(12)        Milestone College


(13)        CUET

Reaz Ahmed Sumon/ SUN photo