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‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ campaign at Toggi Fun World

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  • 14 January, 2023 12:00 AM
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‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ campaign at Toggi Fun World
‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ Director Abu Raihan Jewel along with the crew of the movie interacts with children of Toggi Fun World during a campaign at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital on Friday. —SUN photo

A team of film ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ have taken part in a campaign at Toggi FunWorld at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital on Friday in promotion of the children film set to hit theater.

Director Abu Raihan Jewel led the delegation for promoting the government-funded film which will release on theater on January 20. Bashundhara Noodles presented the movie on theater.

The crew of the movie interacted with the children of Toggi Fun World and presented them with various gifts from Bashundhara Group. The team members invited everyone to go and watch the movie with their families.

The movie based on Muhammed Zafar Iqbal's novel 'Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din' while the novelist also penned a song for a movie for first time. The government-sponsored film is directed by Abu Raihan Jewel. The screenplay is written by Zakaria Soukhin.

After sharing class routine, pens and Bashundhara Noodles among children, the film starts placed cutout posters at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex.    Director Abu Raihan Jewel said the Adventure of Sundarbans is a children's movie for healthy entertainment of children while the movie can be watched by all ages. Hope everyone will come to the theater to watch the movie.

“The work of the film has been delayed due to the outbreak of the epidemic in the middle of the shooting. Still, the parents of the children who acted in the movie helped in many ways during that time,” he said.

Child artist Mehrimah Hossain Diana said the co-artists shot the film like a picnic and our entire shoot was an adventure. Siam and Porimoni have starred in the lead roles of the film. Shahidul Alam Shacchu, Azad Abul Kalam, Kachi Khandkar, Abu Huraira Tanveer, and a group of child artists also played different roles in the movie.

Earlier, the team of Adventure of Sundarbans conducted promotion in several schools and colleges of the capital and finally the stars tagged Toggi Fun World in the campaign. Meanwhile, the songs of the movie have been discussed among the audience since launching trailer in December last. The starts of the films including Pori Moni and Siam have been spending busy time for promoting the film ahead of its release on theater.

The movie's plot is based on a group of children who go on a trip to Sundarban along with several celebrity writers and film directors. Trisha (Porimoni) and her assistant Ratul (Siam) are in charge of taking care of everyone. They had planned to return from Sundarban before sunset. However, things turned out differently than planned. Their ship gets stuck in the tide and it gets dark after sunset. Soon, a group of ruthless robbers arrive and take over the ship. Ratul and the children come up with a plan to fight back.