Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Art show ‘River Delta’ begins at AFD

Art show ‘River Delta’ begins at AFD

A River research-based art exhibition titled River Delta began at La Galerie of Alliance Française de Dhaka (AFD) in the capital’s Dhanmondi area on Friday. 

Chairman of River and Delta Research Center Mohammad Azaz attended the opening ceremony as the special guest.  Juel A Rob is the curator of the exhibition. 

Art works of six artists are being showcased at the exhibition. The participating artists are-- Apu Raj Bongshi, Mohosin Kabir, Shimul Datta, Najmun Nahar Keya, Promotesh Das Pulak and Mohammad Hasanur Rahman.

This exhibition is the first phase of an ongoing five-year study on Bangladesh’s rivers. After the passage of long 51 years, present Bangladesh has started to take precautions regarding the proper maintenance of water resources and their beneficial use. The biggest thing is that it is very important to create awareness at all levels of society, constructive discussions, civic and state responsibility, or to prepare for the next step by studying different types of case studies. In that case, it is very important to understand the internal or international political context. Complexities within the country, river encroachment, protection of river environment, protection of aquatic life and fauna diversity, preparation of present and future generations to protect ecological balance, international power politics, water game plan, protection of potable water bodies, ocean and river governance including many types of issues are involved.

In the first part, various topics have been given prominence, including the navigability of rivers, the impact of urbanization and industrialization, the liberation war and rivers, the changing patterns of life dependent on rivers, the future of water and fisheries resources, the geopolitics of trans-boundary rivers and the crises caused by them.  

The artworks will be on display in a multidisciplinary medium, including drawings, photographic impressions, installation art, kinetic sculpture, soft sculpture, two and three-dimensional sculpture and cyanotype archival prints.

The exhibition will remain open to all till January 13.