Thursday, 2 February, 2023

COVID surge in China

Brace for managing any situation

Brace for managing any situation

It is very alarming that when the rest of the world, including our country, has been reporting few coronavirus infections on daily basis for the past several months and thus started showing less concentration on COVID protocols, China is witnessing a sudden surge in cases and also deaths. The Chinese health system is reportedly under pressure, while the world is in shock because of the latest tsunami of Corona that, according to estimations, could lead to nearly one million deaths in China. Meanwhile, Chinese experts have warned that the worst turn of the situation may occur anytime.

Against this backdrop, real concern has been raised across the globe. Though everyone now knows why the cases of corona increase, what is the reason for the infection and how it can be dealt with, the lack of information from the Chinese government just like the Wuhan incident has resulted in real threat and concern for the world, especially the neighbouring countries. Therefore, tension is mounting regarding whether this epidemic is spreading due to the lack of corona vaccines in China or whether there is a new variant of virus behind it. Should the airways from/to China be closed or should countries give another dose of corona vaccine to its citizens? However, the main concern is whether the recent Corona wave will destroy the already fragile global economy.

Whatever the situation comes in future, there is no alternative to recalling the pandemic time as far as commoners’ lifestyle is concerned. People must follow health guidelines and take precautions against Covid-19, including getting vaccinated and wearing masks. At the same time, the government must remain alert for potential new variants that could emerge from the wave of infections sweeping neighbouring China. We must prepare ourselves to manage any situation.