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Navy’s goal of self-reliance

Navy’s goal of self-reliance

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Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country. During any disaster, Bangladesh Navy always stands beside people and takes part in rescue operations and relief distribution efficiently. Navy personnel remain ever-vigilant to deal with any natural disaster. Apart from natural disasters, the blue water force provides security to commercial vessels, fishing trawlers, boats and the blue economy-related maritime institutions in sea and coastal areas, including Chattogram and Mongla seaports. Navy’s role is not only limited to securing our coastline, but it is also engaged in combating maritime terrorism, piracy, human and contraband trafficking, illegal and unregulated fishing, arms running and poaching.

Being a peace-loving country, Bangladesh will never be engaged in a war with anyone; rather it will maintain friendly relations with all. However, as an independent country, it will have to remain ever-prepared to protect its independence and sovereignty. We are a maritime nation. Our security and prosperity depend much on the seas. The naval service is entrusted with the task of defending the nation by preserving freedom of the seas and deterring aggression. To continue relevant support to deterrence, this force is being equipped with modern technological knowledge and advanced equipment. The importance of self-reliance in the defence forces cannot be overemphasised.

Bangladesh Navy on its part has the responsibility of driving the self-reliance process. It pursues innovative methods to realise the nation’s goal of self-reliance in defence sector. Digital technology has been introduced in the Navy which is also building ships at local shipyards for its own use. It has completed the construction of five patrol crafts and two large patrol crafts in Khulna shipyard. It has prepared IFF (identification of friend and foe) system for three forces. Manufacturing of five more patrol crafts is in progress. Moreover, the development of the infrastructure of Mongla Commander Flotilla West is underway. The naval force is gradually turning into a builder of military ships and systems which will ultimately develop local technology, enhance skills and generate employment alongside saving foreign currency.

In the process, the marine force is virtually helping the nation transform into a modern one. What is left to be witnessed is that our Navy will become a formidable blue water force to reckon with in the future.