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Bumper mustard production likely in Shibchar

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  • 22 December, 2022 12:00 AM
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MADARIPUR: On this dewy winter morning, the mustard green flowers shimmer in the golden winter sun. This is a scene of extraordinary beauty. It looks as if the mother of nature has adorned her body with a yellow veil. Mustard is playing a unique role in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

The vast crop fields in Shibchar upazila of Madaripur are covered with yellow mustard flowers. It’s like a touch of raw yellow on the chest of evergreens. The yellow kingdom of the mustard flower is now buzzing with bees. A smile on the farmers faces in anticipation of a bumper crop of mustard. Farmers are sowing Bari-innovated mustard seeds in the fields after threshing their paddy under the advice of Department Agricultural Extension (DAE) to increase the production of mustard oil.

Can be seen on the surface, it can be seen that in different areas of Shibchar Upazila, the crop fields are filled with the smell of mustard flowers. In different areas including Baheratala, Kutubpur, Kadirpur, mustard cultivation land, someone is weaving mustard or spending busy time in caring for it. Cultivation of this mustard has become quite popular in Shibchar. Many farmers have turned the wheel of fortune by cultivating mustard.

If the cooperation of the concerned department, farmers get a good price, the scope of mustard cultivation in the region will increase and the farmers hope to get a lot of profit if they get a good price.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office sources, in the current financial year 2022-2023, the target of mustard cultivation in the upazila has been set at 3,794 hectares and mustard cultivation has been done on 4,020 hectares of land. Targets exceeded in mustard cultivation. In the last fiscal year, mustard was cultivated on 3,794 hectares of land. Due to the incentives from the agriculture department and the high price of mustard oil, interest in mustard cultivation has increased among farmers this year.

Jhawkandi area of Baheratala South Union of upazila, a farmer told that since last year, I am weaving mustard less. The cost of mustard cultivation is very low, but if the price is a little, then we will be a little better off.

Another farmer Abdus Sobahan told that after harvesting the paddy, he is cultivating the mustard of Bari-invented Ufshijat on that land. I hope to get more yield than last time.

Also another farmer Malek Madbar of Jaduwarchar area said that the mustard yield is looking good this time. This time I planted mustard on 2 bighas of land. Not only ours but also the yield of all around has been good this time. But if I get a little price, this time it will be a good profit.

Came to visit mustard field a student Tauhid told that it feels very good. As far as the eye goes, only yellow and yellow. I came to visit last year. This time it felt a little better than last time.

Shibchar Upazila Agriculture Officer Rafiqul Islam said that more mustard has been planted this year than last year. At present, the government is providing various facilities including incentives to encourage farmers in mustard cultivation. Farmers have become interested in mustard cultivation due to good market price of mustard, increase in yield due to introduction of new improved varieties and profitability of cultivation of mustard as an intermediate crop in fallow land.