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Rohingya camps won’t be a crime hotspot: Kamal

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 19 December, 2022 12:00 AM
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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that the government is taking measures necessary so that the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh do not become breeding grounds for crime.

Highlighting the plight of more than 1.1 million Rohingyas, he said there is a high risk that many of them could end up getting involved in criminal activities.

He was speaking at the sixth meeting of the National Committee on Coordination, Management and Law and Order of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Citizens at the meeting room of the Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday.

Kamal said that though security forces are keeping a close watch on the camps, situation could get out of hand if Rohingyas are not taken back by Myanmar. Surveillance has been scaled up at the camps to prevent bloodshed and violence, he said.

The construction of barbed wire fences around the camps is also at the final stage while security forces are cracking down on cross-border drug smuggling, he added.

The minister said the government is also planning to build a hospital to provide better healthcare for Rohingyas in Bhasan Char.

In response to a journalist's question about the security of the US ambassador, the minister said, "There is no lack of security for the US ambassador. There is no question about his safety.”

In the face of the international pressure, the then government of Myanmar agreed to take back the Rohingyas at the end of 2017.

They also signed a bilateral agreement with Bangladesh in September that year. After that, two rounds of repatriation were undertaken in 2019, but the Rohingyas refused to return citing concerns about the security environment in Rakhine State.