Sunday, 29 January, 2023

BNP means torture, looting and money laundering: PM

BNP means torture, looting and money laundering: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said the people rejected BNP's December 10 rally like they had ditched the party during the voter less election on February 15 in 1996, reports UNB.

“I know there was a huge announcement for December 10 (from BNP). But people of Bangladesh (rejected them)… the arsonists, maker of fake voter list, she said.

The prime minister said this while addressing the third tri-ennial conference of Juba Mohila League at historic Suhrawardy Udyan.

She said that on February 15, 1996 BNP held an election where no voter and political party had taken part.

“By rigging votes they made killers of the Father of the Nation, Rashid and Bazlul Huda, lawmakers and named one of them as Leader of the Opposition,” she said.

She also mentioned that people not only rejected that election, they also launched a movement forcing Khaleda Zia to resign in one and a half months.

“It is the character of BNP to play ducks and drakes with the elections and voting rights of the people. The reason is only one, they are not the party of mass people'” she said.

Hasina said that BNP does not care about the people of the country, power for them is the tool for enjoyment and plunder public money.

She said that people of Bangladesh know that AL brought independence for them under the leadership of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“It means whenever AL is in power, fate of the people changes,” she added.The PM said that the name BNP is synonyms to oppression, torture and misrule, looting, corruption, militancy and Bangla Bhai.

“They could give the country nothing but torture, oppression and money laundering,” she said.

She said that fate of the people of Bangladesh only changes only while Awami League comes in the power.

“Because we always work as the servants of the people, she added.

Recalling the dark days for the country after 2001 election where AL leaders, workers and minority community people were subjected to severe torture, the Awami League president said that her party never went  for taking revenge.

“Rather, we concentrated our efforts on developing the country,” she added.

The premier once again requested people not to pay any heed to the rumour regarding liquidity situation in the banks.

She said that if there were no COVID-19 pandemic and War (Russia-Ukraine War) then the government could make the country free from hunger and poverty, and developed and prosperous by 2022.