Thursday, 2 February, 2023

Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing

Md Azad Hossain

Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essentially a modern way of traditional marketing, and many consider it a completely new marketing process. Because digital marketing requires finding new ways to reach consumers and analyse consumer behaviour specifically, which is not required in traditional marketing. Digital marketing is a two-way and proactive marketing strategy involving direct communication between consumers and sellers.

However, there is a slight difference between internet marketing and digital marketing. Internet marketing simply refers to internet based marketing. But digital marketing can be done without internet. Marketing is possible through any digital device. It can be a mobile phone, a video game, a smart-phone app and even a movie.

Developed countries have made great strides in digital marketing. However, in Bangladesh, it is not progressing as per expectation. The main obstacle behind this is the shortage of skilled digital marketers. Most people do not understand this. Those who understand are not very good at it. However, digital marketing is the future of advertising agencies. In this situation, the experts emphasized building skilled marketers with expanding business in the country.

Skilled workers in digital marketing have not been developed in Bangladesh so far. The experts in the related sector feel that there is a need to change the mentality of the advertising agencies in addition to training and more workshops to build skilled marketers in this country. Pointing out some other obstacles of digital marketing, experts said that till now, 50 to 60 percent of the employees of advertising agencies are comfortable with conventional advertising. Besides, this sector is not progressing much due to proper use of advertising platforms and digital advertising. Besides, many young people who enter digital marketing do not know much about the market. They feel that digital marketing should also be taught along with teaching marketing.


The writer is a freelance writer