Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Strengthen anti-militant drives

The youths who are reported to have left their houses for what they term and wrongly believe as ‘hizrat’ still remain traceless despite intelligence and law enforcement agencies’ search for their whereabouts. It is suspected that they, at least some of them, have joined the newly formed militant outfit Jamaat Ul Ansar Fil Hind Al Sharqiya (JAFHS) and are now receiving arms training in the remotest corners of Bandarban hill district. Kuki-Chin National Front, a separatist organisation active in the border regions of India and Myanmar, is reportedly providing them training in sophisticated firearms. These youths, believed to be motivated by militant fanatic ideology, pose a serious security threat to Bangladesh. On their return after training, these fanatic forces may wreak havoc on the country. We expect that law enforcement agencies will be able to outsmart the youths before they can cause harm to the society.

From recent press reports it is evident that some of the family members of the youths were quite aware of the ideological orientation and of what the youths were going to do next, including leaving homes. It is also true that some of the families did not know the actual motive of the JAFHS recruits. Irrespective of their state of awareness, many of the family members seem to have come to the realisation that the path the youths have chosen is wrong and as such they want their men come back home. They are even seeking help from the government in this respect. Law enforcement agencies may mobilise these repentant family members in their efforts to trace out the youths.

What is going to happen to the missing youths is shrouded in uncertainties. It is obvious, the youths who are fully conscious about what they are involved in and have wilfully chosen the path will not shun militancy. On the other hand, those who by now might have come to senses and reached a correct estimation of the futility of their path, with their ideologues unwilling, may not able to come back home. However, efforts must be on to apprehend the obstinate militants and help the willing or vacillating ones to back to normal life. And what is even more important is to detect the main ideologues responsible for misleading the youths. Militants must not be allowed to operate in Bangladesh.