Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Moushumi-starrer two films hit theatre today

Moushumi-starrer two films hit theatre today

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Celebrated film actress Moushumi - starrer two films ‘Bhangon’ and ‘Deshantor’ to hit theatres today. The films will be released in 30 cinema halls so far.  

The movie ‘Bhangon’ is a government-granted film, directed by Mirza Sakhawat Hossain. Popular actor Fazlur Rahman Babu will be seen acting in an important role in the film with Moushumi. 

The movie tells the story of homeless people and the story of their plight and sadness. There are various characters such as hawkers, prostitutes, pickpockets and flute players who are fighting hard to survive in the concrete jungles of Dhaka.

Moushumi will be seen as a ‘churiwali’ named Julie in the movie while noted actor Fazlur Rahman Babu plays the role of a flutist. One day Babu comes to Moushumi’s slum and interacts with Moushumi. Together they start to share a great bond. Thus, the story of the film continues...

The movie also stars Saberi Alam and Pran Roy in pivotal roles.

On the other hand, ‘Deshantar’ is also a government-granted film, which is directed by Ashutosh Sujan. The film is based on a poem by poet Nirmalendu Goon. In the film, Moushumi has played the role of Annapurna opposite Ahmed Rubel.

Mamunur Rashid, Subhasish Bhowmik, Momena Chowdhury, Yash Rohan and Tapur, among many others have starred in ‘Deshantor’.

Earlier Moushumi said about the two films, “I have played two different types of characters in the films. In ‘Bhangon’, the audience will see me as a churiwali (bangle seller). Mirza Sakhawat Hossain made the film with utmost care. He has brought the life of destitute people beautifully through the film. ‘Bhangon’ portrays the stories of these people. And this thing attracted me most in the film.”

“And ‘Dheshantor’ is a historical film. The story of the film is simply amazing. The director of the movie, Ashutosh Sujon, is very creative and organised. He also had a deep aspiration to bring out the story through the film. I hope the audience will come to the theatre to watch the movies,” the actress said.