Saturday, 10 December, 2022

BNP-Jamaat Savagery

Killing people is never politics

Killing people is never politics

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During a fierce movement in 2013-14, the BNP-Jamaat axis – driven by sheer insanity – hurled petrol bombs and conducted arson attacks on passenger carrying buses, auto rickshaws and other vehicles. This led to the death of at least 500 innocent people and injury of 3,500 others. Such a horrific situation where a bunch of lunatics in the garb of politicians is burning people to death is far beyond all sound reasoning and human intellect. Yet, the killing spree perpetrated by a pack of blood thirsty manlike wolves was a reality that can neither be denied nor forgotten. The dreadful memory still haunts people, particularly those who were traumatised by the horrifying acts of homicides during the terrifying moments.

Irrespective of the nature of their politics, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami are political entities and thus have their distinct political aims and objectives. BNP and Jamaat are against parliamentary elections under an elected government; they want it to be held under a so called unelected caretaker administration. It is from this standpoint that they, first, tried to resist the then national election under Awami League government and afterward, when the election was a fait accompli, made all possible attempts to nullify the polls outcome. Swayed by such an absurdity, they enforced wildcat strikes to bring official, academic and productive activities to a grinding halt and to keep people indoors for an indefinite period. And as people refused to subscribe to their wild whim, they resorted to intimidating members of the public and lethal attacks on them as a retaliatory measure.

This brings us to a serious question: Is there anything common between mass murder and politics? No, there is not. Can killing of common people through such savageries be in any way termed as politics or political manoeuvring? Not again. Such a homicidal approach to resolving political issue is pure terrorism – nothing less than that. Politics is for upholding people’s cause and serving their interest. But where is service to the people in killing people? Through the killing spree in 2013-14, BNP has taken a position against the people, against the country and against election as a democratic institution. And it is a fact that Jamaat had always been anti-people and anti-Bangladesh, and remains so – as was in 1971, and is now. We are alarmed at the recent flexing of muscles by BNP-Jamaat clique. Another round of BNP-Jamaat atrocities is the last thing that the nation will entertain.