Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Shun the path of violent politics

Ahead of the 12th National Election, the ruling Awami League and the major opposition party BNP are trying to heat the political environment by taking to the street and organising demonstrations across the country. The BNP started organising programme since August 22, protesting against the hike in prices of essentials and fuel, while the ruling party after initially trying to stop BNP men by force is also preparing to boost the morale of their activists and supporters through different programmes. However, it is the common people who are bearing the brunt of the political confrontation between these two parties.

Violence and clashes centring the political programmes of BNP have already left three people dead and many others injured. On the other hand, transport strikes called in different parts of the country, especially where BNP had organised programmes, caused huge suffering for the common people. It seems that the parties are going to get engaged in street battles over the next national election in the coming days. Many people find the situation alarming, given the culture of politics of violence in the country.

In our country, violence and vandalism in the name of politics were common practices and mass people were often used as pawns to fulfil political demands. Political leaders hardly try to value the masses' lives and public or private property, thinking of them as nothing but a weapon to create political issues, which is why most of the cases filed in connection with such violent activities were dismissed, considering those politically motivated instead of criminal offences.

For the last few years, it seems that political leaders have moved away from this ghastly practice taking a lesson from their experience. But the recent incidents have proven this assumption false. Though we are trying to become a developed country, this sort of incident indicates that political leaders neither innovatively develop the creative faculty to make their opponent bound to fulfil their demand nor standardise their policy of negotiation.

However, for the betterment of the country, politicians should have the courage and determination to face political problems democratically, neither by violence nor at the cost of people’s suffering.